Cookies Policy

 Cookies are small files with information stored in a user's computer by a website (in particular a web server) so that whenever a user links to the website, the latter retrieves this information and offers the user relevant services.

A typical example of such information is the user preferences in a website, as it is placed by the choices the user makes in a specific website (e.g. by selecting specific keys, searches, advertisements etc.). It is allowed to install cookies only if a user has given its consent after being properly informed.

In particular, Article 4(5) of L. 3471/2006, as amended by L. 4070/2012 sets out that the installation of cookies is allowed only if the subscriber or the user "has given their consent after being informed in a clear and detailed manner pursuant to Article 11(1) of L. 2472/1997, as applicable".

This system is known as opt-in cookie in contrast with the opt-out cookie which was in force before the amendment of the Directive 2002/58/ΕC and allowed the installation of cookies without the consent of the subscriber or the user only if they have been previously informed and raised no objection on the data processing.