Will I benefit from upgrading my vehicle?

The upgrade is to increase the vehicle engine power. As a result, the car can reach its full potential.

Will the cost fuel be recuced?


What is the rate of increase in the engine power by performing an upgrade?

The rate increases according to the engine class rating and its power. In the atmospheric engines, the increase can reach 10%. In turbo engines, the increase can reach 35%. In diesel engines, besides the significant amount of increase, we also have fuel efficiency up to 10%.

Is there a possibility of engine failure after its upgrade?

There is no such case, since we only use original and fully updated programs.




airbag 2AIRBAG

In case of another collision, will the airbags operate properly?

From the moment the damaged spare parts are properly replaced, they will clearly function properly, since the control unit has been re-programmed and is set to its original factory settings.

Without any vehicle collision whatsoever, is there a chance the airbags deploy after setting the control unit?

Since the indicator lamp of the airbag on the dashboard has gone off after its setting, there is no way the airbags deploy, because the control unit returns to its original factory settings.

Is it cost-efficient to reprogram the airbag control unit?

It is certainly cost effective, since a control unit costs between €300 and €2,500 according to the vehicle type.

In case of buying a used set of airbags, there is a chance that the indicator lamp won't go off, even if it comes from the same model which did not involved in a collision.

Yes, it is possible! Because every used control unit may had another program or a different mapping due to less or more airbags. So, the best next thing after installing a new one, is to unlock the original control unit which has the original program of the car