Methods of payment

1. Payment in cash.

2. Payment by debit or credit card.
If you have a credit/debit card, you may securely use it for paying the amount in the store. The payment process through credit cards is made under the most modern security standards in the store's secure server.
3. Payment upon delivery.
a. The products are sent to your place with the ACS COURIER and the amount is paid upon delivery.

b. In case the customer works with any other courier service, the order can be shipped via this company upon instruction of the customer.

4. By deposit in a bank account.

You can deposit the amount due in the bank account of our company. Contact us about the exact amount of the shipping expenses.

Eurobank: GR4602602510000510201134751

After the deposit of the amount, please contact us and inform us about the deposit in order to complete the shipping process.

* In case you choose to deposit the money from a different bank besides the bank cooperating with the company, you may pay extra bank charges for this transaction and perhaps there is a small delay on its execution.