Methods of shipment

We are aiming to provide prompt and direct customer service and delivery of our products across Greece.

For this reason, we provide 3 methods of shipment/delivery:

1. Picking up from the store.

  During opening days and hours of the store (Monday to Friday, from 09:00 until 19:00)

 2. Via ACS Courier Service.

 a) All products are shipped across Greece via "ACS Courier". Shipping costs are paid by the customer.

 b)In case the customer works with any other courier service company, the products may be shipped via this company upon instruction of the customer.

3. By a bus shipping service.

When the product weight is too heavy, then its shipment via a courier service is highly expensive, therefore they will be sent through a bus shipping service after a phone communication with the customer about the shipping cost (depending on the work load).

*In order to use this shipping, the full amount has to be paid via deposit in a bank account of Eurobank.

We secure the packaging of your products but we are not liable for any damages caused during transport.
Products travel under customer's responsibility.